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Cure is our true north

We envision a tomorrow where ground-breaking advances in the biotech field not only transform patient care, but also drive sustainable growth.

At Swissfinity Group, we unequivocally believe in a better, healthier and wealthier future.

We understand the vital role that advanced technologies, platforms and tools play in the development and manufacturing of innovative therapies.

By combining our entrepreneurial background and our investment expertise, we aim to empower developers and technology providers to make informed decisions, accelerate their development, and maximize their impact in the field of cutting edge biologics.

At a glance

Swissfinity is a European investment group, dedicated to the advanced biotech sector, specializing in the field of cell and gene therapy and enabling technologies. 

Beyond providing capital, we offer strategic advisory and consultancy services to our portfolio and external partners. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with an interdisciplinary
success track.

We leverage our own entrepreneurial experience and global network to build a stronger investment portfolio and to provide tailormade solutions in advisory.


We are experienced entre-preneurs and managers in biotech, technology, health-care, finance and media. Our unique combined skill set and network enable the holistic and pragmatic support of our portfolio companies.

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Chris Barkey Profile

Chris Barkey

Medtech and pharma entrepreneur, Chris is former CEO of Barkey GmbH, now part of Azenta Life Sciences (Nasdaq: AZTA). Under his management, Barkey developed business operations in over 70 countries, specializing in temperature management in hospital and intensive care settings, as well as in advanced biotechnology applications, for the manufacturing and administration of cell and gene therapies. Chris was directly involved in the global implementation and success of the Barkey plasmatherm in the advanced therapies field, as well as in leading the M&A process of the company.

Natalie Telizki Profile

Natalie Telizki 

With her background in business administration in media and communications, Natalie is in charge of wealth management and operations. Prior to her role at Swissfinity Group, she worked in a variety of managerial roles at one of the world`s largest media companies Bertelsmann, a private multinational Corporation, headquartered in Germany. As a former staff member of Bertelsmann`s Office of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Natalie specializes in financial analysis, audit, business management and holistic leadership.

Our Focus

Supporting the cure

We are committed to supporting visionary entrepreneurs and groundbreaking research that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, improve lives, and drive substantial returns for our investors. With a deep understanding of the biotech sector, we aim to stimulate innovations that will shape the future of medicine and biotechnology.

High potential investment

We are dedicated to seeking out and investing in highpotential companies poised for growth and innovation. We are passionate about identifying and nurturing the next generation of industry leaders, providing not only capital but also strategic guidance to help them reach their full potential.

Growth expertise

Our team of experts provides mentorship, access to a vast network of industry connections, and strategic guidance tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the advanced biotechnology field. We are partners in the journey towards success, working hand in hand with our portfolio partners to help them realize their full potential and achieve their ambitious goals.


Join us in shaping the future.

Contact Swissfinity Group to explore how our investment and advisory expertise can help fuel your organization’s growth, expand its market reach and contribute to the accelerated adoption and commercialization of advanced biotech as well as cell and gene therapy products.

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